Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Chamber Membership Directory

Each year since 2004 my photography has been featured in the Naperville Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory. This year's book is out now. My images can be found in the first 60 pages or so.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Arboretum Tree Houses

I've been working with the Morton Arboretum for years. Most recently we spent a Saturday morning photographing children running around the new Tree House exhibits that will be on the Arboretum grounds for the next two years. You'll be seeing variations of these images in advertisements all over Chicagoland.
The tree houses have different themes that are supposed to relate to the tree that they are next to. There is one that looks like a castle, another a boat, a doghouse, and so on. I also took a number of close-up detail shots that will show up in unexpected ways in Morton Arboretum publications.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Smoky Mountains

I just spend a wonderful week camping and hiking through parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. It was fantastic to take a break from work... even thought I still brought along all my camera gear and took some wonderful images that I will probably use in projects down the road.

The first stop I had to make on my way down there was in Cincinnati. My Grandpa Metzger built the Zip Dip ice cream stand in 1950. He lived right across the street from it, and I have great memories of heading over there every day in the summer to get some soft-serve vanilla in a cone (with sprinkles on, of course.) The place is still really busy, and the ice cream tasted as good as I remember it.
I actually brought along my medium format film camera, just to see if I still know how to use the thing. It did take some time to get used to changing the film every 16 frames, but it was a good exercise that made me slow down and think at a different pace. I haven't developed any of that film yet, so hopefully some of it looks good. Here is an image of Grotto Falls in the Smoky Mountains, just outside of Gatlinburg, TN.
It was a pretty good hike along the Trillium trail to get to the falls. As we were heading back down, the Smoky Mountains decided to get smoky! A cloud moved in on us, and we were surrounded by an eerie haze.

I'll share more photos after I get the medium format film developed.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Internet Circles

So, this is a post on my blog... about a newspaper article... that was written about my blog! Got it? Good! Thanks to Jasmine Young for writing the piece on my photographic noodlings.

Blog Log - Jeffrey Ross Photography

Click on the link above to read it.

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