Tuesday, February 28, 2012

SEA Conference

I was a speaker at this year's Self Employment in the Arts Conference.
For two days, people came together from different disciplines and backgrounds to discuss how to make a living in the creative arts field. I spoke about life as a professional photographer along with Erik Unger, photographer for Crain's Chicago Business. I was on a number of different panels covering important topics like 'how to deal with clients'. At one point I even did some one-on-one portfolio reviews. Here I am with Evelyn Bandoh speaking about 'how to network.'
It was great meeting all the students and people that are just starting their businesses. I've always believed in having a strong educational foundation for people who want to be working artists. Sure you need to learn your craft, but you need to take some business classes too!
One of the best parts was talking with the other presenters during the breaks. It's not often that you run into a talented group of people from such varied disciplines and backgrounds. I'm glad I was invited to participate, and I hope I get to help out again at a future event. Here is the link to the SEA. You should see if one is happening in your area. They also have some helpful resources on their website

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