Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canvas Prints

Naperville Bank & Trust has a large community conference room on it's second floor. They needed some artwork for the walls and purchased a number of my Naperville images. I didn't handle the printing part of the job, so I had completely forgotten that this deal even took place! Yeah, my brain works that way sometimes. 
Luckily my brain was knocked into gear again when I started hearing about how wonderful the photos looked hanging on the walls. I had one of those "Oh yeah..." moments. Well, the other day I finally took the opportunity to visit the bank and see the conference room. I have to say, the canvas wrapping was done really well, and the prints look great in that space.
There are five large pieces altogether. I'm glad it turned out so well, but it makes me wonder what else I've forgotten.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Skyrise 2011

This is the third year that I've been the official photographer for SkyRise Chicago. It's the annual run (or more typically 'the walk') to the top of the tallest building in North America- The Willis Tower in Chicago.  It's billed as "the world's highest indoor, urban stair climb" and it benefits the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.
It may sound like one of those physical challenges that is above your activity level. But believe me, it's not. It may be difficult, but you can do it at your own pace and there are many places to take a break along the way. And when you see some of the inspirational people involved, you'll be really glad you decided to do it.
There are many RIC patients that show up to participate or even hand out the medals.
Some of the people that do the climb could barely walk a few years ago. There are soldiers back from serving overseas. There were a few local celebrities like Bulls guard Ronnie Brewer. And there are a number of firemen that walk up all 103 floors while wearing all of their tactical gear.
Congratulations to everyone involved! You did a great job and I hope to see you all again next year.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Julianne Hough

It seems that Julianne Hough is everywhere in the news lately. And it reminded me that I took a bunch of photos of her in concert, but I only ever shared one of them. So here you go, folks!  Sorry for the delay-

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