Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mayor Pradel

Naperville's Mayor Pradel was in the hospital for a few days recently and I just wanted to take a moment and wish him a speedy recovery.  Seeing as how this is Illinois and we do have a well earned reputation for politicians with the morals of street-corner thugs, it is wonderful to have a mayor like ours.  He is at every function, every event, every parade, every ribbon cutting, and I can't imagine a person ever being a bigger cheerleader for a community than him.

When my son was in 3rd grade he came down the stairs one morning for school dressed in his nicest button down shirt, with his clip-on bowtie fixed firmly in place.  I said, "Wow, what are you all dressed up for?"  He looked at me a little surprised and said, "Mayor Pradel's coming to our class today."  That's the only time he got dressed up like that in his 5 years of elementary school.  Meeting the mayor is a big deal, and I'm glad we have somebody like him that the kids can look up to.

My daughter's class had a mock city council meeting, and the mayor surprised them by dropping by.  They were all thrilled.  By the way, my daughter is the one in the background in black with the big camera.  She decided that her role for the mock council meeting was to act as the press photographer.  And yes, it made me smile :) 
Take it easy and get better soon, Mayor Pradel.

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