Saturday, September 5, 2009

Last Fling 2009- Day 1

Before I even took my first photo, I somehow managed to do something that has never happened to me in over 10 years of photographing events. My beloved 15mm lens managed to fall right off one of the cameras hanging on my shoulder. I can't even imagine the series of events that had to take place for that to happen. Somehow the release button would have to be bumped in such a way that it was pressed in, and the lens rotated in order for it to drop off.

It's dinged up pretty well, and I haven't had the chance to test out it's sharpness. I'm hoping for the best.

But I bravely marched on. Friday night is the easiest night for me. All I was really needed to cover was the bands.

First up was blues legend Lonnie Brooks

The weather was absolutely perfect, and the crowd was really into Brooks

Finally it was time for Robert Cray. There were two things that happened that made it difficult to get a good photograph (besides the usual sketchy concert lighting). First, as was confirmed by a friend that was shooting for another magazine, the stage was about 8 - 10 inches taller than it was last year. It was very difficult to see the whole band and the whole stage from the photographer pit. Secondly, Robert Cray played about halfway back from the front of the stage. I'm glad I'm tall, but I could still really only see him from the waist up. I took a few shots by reaching up and resting the camera on the stage to get a better angle.

The music was good, but to be honest I thought it should have been a little louder. Over in the sponsor tent it was difficult to hear it. I remember really ~feeling~ it the past few years. It wasn't a real rockin' & jumpin' show. BUT, it was the busiest Friday night concert I think we've had for years. I'm guessing that it was a good night as far as the fund raising went.

One last thing- I was happy that unlike Rib Fest this year, at least I was allowed near the stage to get some good images. Robert Cray's management only let me shoot during the first song, but it's better than nothing :)

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